Flying contraption


Last night I dreamt that I was given a  magical flying device. This consisted of a hat, much like an old RAF cap from the 1940’s, a bulbous, and fully inflated red balloon, and a huge set of wings. I was offered my wings by an old time flyer – an ancient looking guy with a face covered in patches of grey whiskers and a strange, ancient smell about him, that seemed to hint at his magic and wisdom.

I soon found myself walking by a freeway, carrying this huge set of wings, made of wood and material, with pieces of loose silk thread, feathers and dark worn leather trailing from them. I approached a woman who was sat on a wall with her young children. I asked if she may help me put on my wings as they were heavy and not easy to haul onto my back. The children wore animal masks, a tiger, an elephant, a monkey. They marvelled at my magnificent wings and stroked and tugged on them, as I hauled on the last arm. And then, with a hop skip and a stumble, I was off..swooping low over a lake and skimming my feet above a mass of leafy tree branches..


~ by artmalikwolf on October 16, 2009.

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