Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest


Following the great success of Yellow House in 2006, Veckatimest is the latest offering from the Brooklyn based, Grizzly Bear camp. Inspired by a small uninhabited island, perched vicariously along the southern-most tip of Cape Cod, Veckatimest transforms the physicality of land, sea, cloud and sky into a sound that is both otherworldly and of the earth – conjuring up images of a lush and untouched wilderness. It fills the heart with hot breathes of southern easterly winds, whipped up afresh from the foam-spray of the Atlantic. It invokes images of wild dandelions billowing in patches on the beach; of birds soaring over endless blues skies and of gnarled driftwood lying scattered along the shoreline. With strong hints of The Sea and Cake’s summer-inducing, post jazz lilts, Veckatimest veers towards the lighter, breezier notions of jazz. Helped along by heavenly, cherubic layers of voice and sound, this is an album of dazzling proportions – cinematic in its scope and vision. With all band members contributing to vocal duties, and with four songs boasting string arrangements from the much loved Nico Muchly, Veckatimest offers a glimpse of an altogether different, matured Grizzly Bear, and my, are we grateful for it.

Warp Recordsbear-drawing-1


~ by artmalikwolf on September 29, 2009.

One Response to “Grizzly Bear, Veckatimest”

  1. Hello friend ~ we definitely do share the same love in music and art. Looks like we share a love of Grizzzly Bear too!

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